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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Tips to enhance your cinematic experience!

Home theatres are designed to recreate an authentic cinematic experience, sound quality is a large component of this. Most living rooms are not designed to make the most of the latest in surround sound devices. This may be due to the size, shape or features of the room. Here are some tips to recreating the… Read more »

The benefits of solar power

Want to reduce you electricity bill by up to $800 a year? It’s simple; all you have to do is install a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System in your home today. Not only will you be saving money, but you will also be contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emission, which in turn will improve Australia’s carbon… Read more »

Rainwater tanks

Rainwater tanks are used to collect and store rainwater runoff typically from rooftops. Rainwater tanks are installed to store rainwater for later use and to reduce the mains water use for economic and environmental reasons. Stored water may be used for watering gardens, agriculture, flushing toilets, in washing machines and to wash cars. Below are… Read more »

What is greywater?

Grey water is the waste water stream from all sources other than the toilet and kitchen because this water contains sewage, oil, fats and food scraps which will not break down easily and will cause blockage in filters and pipes. Most houses can easily re-use Greywater from their laundry’s and bathrooms to water the garden…. Read more »

Types of bank loans

With an array of choices from different lending institutions, how are you meant to be sure that you are picking the right loan with the best features for your needs? Here is a brief description of some of the loans that are available; Fixed Loans This type of loan, as the title suggests has a… Read more »

How to care for your home in winter

A few things to think about when it comes to preparing your home for the wet weather. Reverse your ceiling fans. This will create an updraft and push heated air down into the room.This is especially helpful in rooms with high ceilings, and it might even allow you to turn down your heater and save… Read more »

What is a smart home?

What is a Smart Wiring? You have probably come across the term before, but what does Smart Wiring actually mean and why is it beneficial to you? If you are looking to build or are currently building, listen up! Basically a smart wired home has a comprehensive wiring installation with cabling for speakers, phones, faxes,… Read more »

Top 5 design tips

With so many colour and tile options, it can be difficult to decide between a favourite trend or theme, or a simple timeless look. Either way it is important to note how your choices can effect the overall appearance of your bathroom. Here are some handy hints to ensure your bathroom looks as spacious as… Read more »

Things to think about when designing a room

Size. Think about how long the person will be living in the room. If it is a long period of time it might be better to have 2 bigger rooms in addition to the master bedroom, as opposed to 3 smaller rooms (in addition to the master). A primary school child now might want a desk… Read more »

The ultimate kitchen layout

In every house, guests and family alike are drawn to the kitchen. It is the source of energy in a home, quite literally when it comes to food. Most kitchens vary quite significantly as they are designed to fit the personality and needs of the owner. However, there are a few key guidelines to remember… Read more »