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Monthly Archives: August 2015

What to look for in a home builder

Choosing a home builder can be an overwhelming process. We understand that you require a builder who will conduct themselves professionally and produce an exceptional standard of work. We want you to value for your money and we are here to help you protect your home, and pocket. To help you in your search for… Read more »

Home orientation: North or South facing?

There are many things to consider when building a home – location, block size, type of home, layout of the home etc. We could go on and on but instead here’s another one for you – Home orientation. Does it matter what direction your new home is facing? Is this a priority for you? We… Read more »

What home design best suits your lifestyle?

Choosing your future home design can often be a daunting process. Have a read through the following five points we feel can help to determine which design will best suit your lifestyle. Decide what size home best suits your family. Choosing the right floor plan begins by deciding what size house best suits your family…. Read more »