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Monthly Archives: September 2015

How to avoid hidden costs

Building your new dream home is an exciting and emotional experience. Unfortunately with all of the promotions and offers, new products, varied specifications and so on it can be hard to determine any hidden costs which can drive every new home builders fear of going over budget. Knowing exactly what you are paying for will… Read more »

The art of viewing a display home

Visiting display homes is crucial in the home building process. Seeing a design come to life is the best way of visualising how you will interact with the floor plan and it allows you to see craftsmanship quality and features up close. We understand that viewing a display home can be time consuming and you’ll… Read more »

If I could build my house again …

I think we can all agree that we have made purchases which we regret. Whether it is spending too much on something we cannot afford or spending too little on something we’ll quickly outgrow can cost dearly. Not only does it hurt our wallet, it also wastes our time. But what if the regretful investment… Read more »

Are siteworks a rip off?

You’ve heard the stories. The house design. Perfect. The house price, spot on. The site works. A lot more than expected. Wait. What? What are these site works? And why am I paying this much for dirt to be pushed around on my block? You wouldn’t be alone and yes, the cost of site works… Read more »

Top tips for heating

Question and Answer courtesy of Jetmaster Q. Are you building a new home? A. If you are building you need to start thinking about choosing your fireplace as the slab goes down because many fireboxes will need to be bricked in when the brickies arrive on site. Q. Is the heater going to be your primary… Read more »

Which benchtop is best for you?

This week we spoke with Ming-Aen of the Laminex group to find out their insider tips for choosing the best kitchen materials. Q. What are your top tips when selecting your benchtop? A. What sort of use will it get? Lots of cooking and entertaining? Lots of kids? Hectic lifestyle? All these things mean that your… Read more »

Plants that repel mosquitoes

In summer we Aussies are renowned for our barbecues, especially with Australia Day coming up! Unfortunately, this outside tradition comes with a downside of flies and mosquitoes. Here are some plants that repel mosquitoes (or so we’ve been told!) 1. Lemongrass- Apparently they don’t like the citrus scent! As an added bonus you can add… Read more »

5 tips for a low maintenance garden

1. Pick the best plants for your garden This is very important for the upkeep and cost of maintaining your garden. Not only is it important to choose plants that look good, plants must also be suitable for the elements in which they are exposed to whether it is sun, shade, or rain. 2. Use… Read more »

Things to think about when designing a bedroom

Size Think about how long the person will be living in the room. If it is a long period of time it might be better to have 2 bigger rooms in addition to the master bedroom, as opposed to 3 smaller rooms (in addition to the master). A primary school child now might want a desk for… Read more »

How to to design a his/her bedroom you will both enjoy!

Sometimes it’s difficult compromising on the interior design of your new home, particularly a personal room such as the master suite. Here are some tips to help keep it gender neutral (and keep the peace!) 1. Colour scheme Ensure you opt for neutral wall colours such as off whites, greys, creams, and browns. Not only… Read more »

How to best light your bathroom

Check out some of the below tricks demonstrating how to best light your bathroom! Eye level mounted light either side of the mirror will help to reduce shadows on the face Be sure to add a dimmer to your lighting in case you do want to take a relaxing bath Decorative lighting such as an… Read more »