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Building Advice

What’s New in Two Storeys?

One of the big trends in two-storey homes at the moment is the need to get a lot of house on not a lot of land, without having to spend mega-bucks to do it. Driven by shrinking block sizes, including newly subdivided sites close to the city, as well as compact suburban blocks in Perth’s… Read more »

How long will my new home take to build?

The question on the top of many new homeowners mind is – How long will it take to build my new home? When you’re building a home from scratch, there are many variables to consider. Part of the fun of building a new home is that you can customise your home, right? These customisations can… Read more »

How to avoid hidden costs

Building your new dream home is an exciting and emotional experience. Unfortunately with all of the promotions and offers, new products, varied specifications and so on it can be hard to determine any hidden costs which can drive every new home builders fear of going over budget. Knowing exactly what you are paying for will… Read more »

The art of viewing a display home

Visiting display homes is crucial in the home building process. Seeing a design come to life is the best way of visualising how you will interact with the floor plan and it allows you to see craftsmanship quality and features up close. We understand that viewing a display home can be time consuming and you’ll… Read more »

If I could build my house again …

I think we can all agree that we have made purchases which we regret. Whether it is spending too much on something we cannot afford or spending too little on something we’ll quickly outgrow can cost dearly. Not only does it hurt our wallet, it also wastes our time. But what if the regretful investment… Read more »

Are siteworks a rip off?

You’ve heard the stories. The house design. Perfect. The house price, spot on. The site works. A lot more than expected. Wait. What? What are these site works? And why am I paying this much for dirt to be pushed around on my block? You wouldn’t be alone and yes, the cost of site works… Read more »

What to look for in a home builder

Choosing a home builder can be an overwhelming process. We understand that you require a builder who will conduct themselves professionally and produce an exceptional standard of work. We want you to value for your money and we are here to help you protect your home, and pocket. To help you in your search for… Read more »

Home orientation: North or South facing?

There are many things to consider when building a home – location, block size, type of home, layout of the home etc. We could go on and on but instead here’s another one for you – Home orientation. Does it matter what direction your new home is facing? Is this a priority for you? We… Read more »

What home design best suits your lifestyle?

Choosing your future home design can often be a daunting process. Have a read through the following five points we feel can help to determine which design will best suit your lifestyle. Decide what size home best suits your family. Choosing the right floor plan begins by deciding what size house best suits your family…. Read more »