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If I could build my house again …

I think we can all agree that we have made purchases which we regret.

Whether it is spending too much on something we cannot afford or spending too little on something we’ll quickly outgrow can cost dearly. Not only does it hurt our wallet, it also wastes our time.

But what if the regretful investment was your brand new home?

Many homeowners are left thinking ‘what if’ soon after receiving the keys to their new home. In order to avoid this, we have put together the top things that new homeowners most regret about their new home.

I would undertake more research

It is very important to be informed and realistic before you commence your build. Many new home owners are under the impression that “bigger is better”, however this can often put new home owners under high mortgage stress when then realise they have to pay for landscaping, new furniture, painting etc.You must have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve. Do you want to build a home with high quality fixtures and fittings or do you want to build bigger home and save on fittings and finishes? Do you need a four bedroom or three bedroom home?

These are key questions that you must ask yourself before you commence your build.

I would finalise my design before commencing construction

It is important to take your time finalising all design and style requirements at the start of your build to ensure you avoid unexpected costs that could hurt your back pocket. Such changes could include upgrading your tilting from three-quarter to floor ceiling tiling in the bathroom, increasing the size of a window or moving a wall to extend the size of a room.

Of course your New Homes Administrator will advise you of additional costs prior to making any changes.

I would make changes to the floor plan

There has been a growing trend in homeowners building their new homes to accommodate for a growing family and retirement. With this in mind, many homeowners would make changes to their home design if they had the opportunity as they lacked the foresight to plan for future circumstances.

Key areas that new homeowners would improve include increased storage space, a larger kitchen and an improved living area.

Home owners love for large, open plan living areas continues therefore additional consideration must be given to ensure the kitchen and living area is not only aesthetically pleasing, it must also be practical and functional.

There has also been an increase push for outdoor living spaces that seamlessly connect to the homes kitchen, living and dining areas, creating the ideal layout for outdoor dining and entertainment.

The era of separate rooms will not be returning in the foreseeable future.