Our Culture

We might be big, but the corporate image is not for us.

One thing we’re very proud of, and strive to maintain is our culture. What you see, is what you get.

We enjoy putting our best foot forward every day.

Become part of our team and you’ll also find we’re fun, playful, dedicated, loyal and approachable. We love ideas, enthusiasm and initiative.

The JWH Club has a long list of members who have worked for us for 10 years or more.

So to apply the definition, and paint a picture, what exactly is JWH’s culture?

“We have an odd culture… I’ve always believed there’s good in people and people will treat others as they like to be treated. So we created a unique spot in the industry. A company where people can feel safe, can grow, learn, enjoy their work and get excited that we’re helping people into their biggest and hopefully most pleasurable investment. We give people plenty of rope or opportunity to excel and hopefully we have a damn good time doing it…”

Julian Walter