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Top 5 design tips

With so many colour and tile options, it can be difficult to decide between a favourite trend or theme, or a simple timeless look. Either way it is important to note how your choices can effect the overall appearance of your bathroom. Here are some handy hints to ensure your bathroom looks as spacious as possible!

  1. Walls, floors and cabinetry will benefit from pastel, neutral and white colours as it will make the room seem larger.
  2. Try to stick with 3 colours. Think about how these colours reflect rooms surrounding the bathroom, do you want them to match?
  3. Floating cupboards can create the illusion of more space because the entire floor is visible.
  4. Try to avoid a busy design, this can create a cluttered feel, especially in a smaller bathroom.
  5. Larger tiles tend to create a greater sense of space, extending them to the ceiling of your bathroom can also add to the illusion of more space.