International Women’s Day – Celebrating the Women of JWH

In recognition of International Women’s Day, we are featuring some of the talented and inspiring women at the JWH Group.
Today, we speak to Melissa, Senior Planning and Compliance Officer at Oswald Homes | Residential Attitudes about why she sees International Women’s Day as a significant event to celebrate.
“I see International Women’s Day as a great opportunity for all women to celebrate each other and all our accomplishments. Whether it be at home, at work or on the sporting field – it is a good opportunity to bring women together.
It is no secret that the building and construction industry used to be a very male dominated industry. I studied urban planning at university, following in the footsteps of my aunty. When she studied, she was one of just a handful of women in her graduating class.
When I went through university it was a pretty even split. Having now worked within the industry for more than 13 years I am so pleased to see that there are so many women involved in all aspects of this industry.
We live in a time where there is far more equity and the old gender norms and expectations have significantly changed with men and women sharing roles both in their field of work, with parenting and household duties.
The fact that women returning to the workplace while also being mum’s is celebrated and not looked down upon. I was brought up by a single mum and she did it all. She always made sure that I had everything and new that I could do whatever I wanted to do and be whoever I wanted to be. She taught me that hard work pays off and never settle for less than you are worth.
Having a little girl, myself it is amazing to see the avenues that are open and continue to open up for young women. That there are so many inspirational women doing amazing things all around the world for her to be able to look up to. That we can now show young women that they really can do anything that they want. “
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