JWH Group Partners with Rusty Australia to Celebrate Local Surf Culture and Tradespeople

JWH Group, a leading construction and development company in WA, is thrilled to announce its innovative collaboration with Rusty Australia, an iconic surf and lifestyle brand.

This partnership marks an exciting new chapter in both companies’ commitment to supporting local communities and celebrating the unique essence of the towns in which they operate.

At the heart of this collaboration is a shared appreciation for the vibrant surf culture that defines many of the coastal communities where JWH Group builds.

By joining forces with Rusty Australia, JWH Group aims to blend the beauty of surf culture with the artistry of construction, bridging the gap between these two worlds in a truly innovative way.

Central to this collaboration is the intention to honour the hardworking tradespeople who contribute to the construction and development of homes in these communities.

“This collaboration with Rusty Australia allows us to pay homage to the surf culture that characterises the areas we build in,” said JWH Group Joint General Manager Jay Walter.

“We believe that embracing this culture not only enhances the aesthetic of our projects but also strengthens our connection to the communities we serve.”

Rusty Australia echoes this sentiment, stating, “Our brand has always been rooted in the love for the ocean and the coastal lifestyle.”

“Collaborating with JWH Group gives us the opportunity to extend this passion into the very structures that shape the communities we cherish.”

Together, JWH Group and Rusty Australia are setting out to honour the soul of surf culture while recognising the dedication of tradespeople.

This partnership serves as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and community engagement in driving meaningful change.

JWH Group:
JWH Group is a renowned construction and development company with a strong presence in Western Australia. With a focus on quality, innovation, and community, JWH Group is committed to creating exceptional spaces that enrich lives.

Rusty Australia:
Rusty Australia is a celebrated surf and lifestyle brand known for its unique blend of style and functionality. With a rich heritage in surf culture, Rusty Australia continues to inspire individuals to embrace the coastal way of life.

Lisa-Marie D’Alonzo
Group Partnerships and Communications Manager
Email: lisa-marie.dalonzo@jwh.com.au