Plunkett Homes – Building with the Nederpelts

The JWH Group are excited to announce the launch of the Plunkett Homes series ‘Building with the Nederpelts’.

‘Building with the Nederpelts’ is a six-part series that follows Travis and Nikita’s building journey.

There are various emotional stages of building a home and in these videos, you will follow them on the ride of building the family home they have been dreaming of.

The first episode launches Friday 13 May on the Plunkett Home’s website and social channels (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Vimeo, YouTube), with remaining episodes released fortnightly.

The team met Travis and Nikita in August 2020 at their slab pour and it was a privilege to witness and capture many moments and milestones from their build.

Marketing Coordinator Courtney Ackland co-managed the filming project and expressed her joy at joining the Nederpelts on the ride that is building a home.

“Building with the Nederpelts was a long term project, that was created over an 18 month period capturing different moment and milestones from the clients journey,” Courtney said.

“Being part of this production allowed me to be a passenger on the journey and gain an new perspective about building a family home as well as being able to see the Nederpelts family grow as their house took shape.

“I really enjoyed this project and having the privilege of getting to know our clients first hand. For Travis and Nikita, building this home was a dream and we are thankful that they allowed us to capture the intimate moments of their build.”

Here are some cheeky behind the scenes photos from along the way.

View Episode 1.