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Living Room

Living room decorating tips

Your living room is one of the most lived-in rooms in your home. We have put together our top tips to create a comfortable, welcoming and livable space

1. Set the mood with colour: Think about how you want to feel in this space, how you want your guests to feel? Energised? Relaxed? Soft hues tend to have a relaxing effect whilst an intense feature wall can stimulate emotion.

2. Consider a wall paper feature: Living Rooms tend to have a more unique colour scheme as they are what you would classify as a ‘public space’ so there is room to have a little fun!

3. Floor materials: Consider a neutral floor and add colour with a large rug. Remember it is easier to swap rugs than floor material!

5. Make your furniture social! Ensure guests can sit and chat with each other. Try not to place couches with an awkward distance.

6. Accessorise with artwork and photos to help the walls come alive! Group items for more of an impact.

7. Consider soft lighting: Unlike your bathroom, where you ‘style’ yourself, you don’t need bright intense lights. If you like to relax with a book in the living room add an accessible reading lamp that doubles as an interesting room feature.

8. Consider the details: Ensure the trimming that frames your living room enhances the structure. Do you want a dark wood or white gloss finish?