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Open floor plan home designs

First of all, what is an open floor plan? A home with this layout has one common larger room, in some cases the combination of the kitchen, living and dining room areas.

Open floor plan home designs are the most popular and sought-after house plans available today for a number of reasons. They foster family togetherness as well as increase your options when entertaining guests. In addition, an open floor plan can make your home feel larger by eliminating doorways and widening the passages to dining and living areas, you obtain a sense of spaciousness that divided rooms lack.

Here are the top 3 advantages of an open floor plan:

1. Open floor plans encourage the integration of everyday living. If there is someone cooking or cleaning in the kitchen they are able to watch tv or converse with others in the living room.

2. Less walls to separate rooms means the greater the ability to benefit from natural sunlight.

3. Open plan floors offer the illusion of more space as there are less confined areas. A larger floor area combined with higher ceilings can be perfect for those that enjoy open spaces.