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The art of viewing a display home

Visiting display homes is crucial in the home building process. Seeing a design come to life is the best way of visualising how you will interact with the floor plan and it allows you to see craftsmanship quality and features up close.

We understand that viewing a display home can be time consuming and you’ll want to avoid too many repeat visits, so we have put together our top 5 tips to help you get the most out of our display homes.

  1. Determine the type of home you want

    You can reduce the number of display homes you visit by determining what home designs best suit your needs. For example, you may already have a block of land therefore the size of the home must be suitable. Other things to consider are the number of bedrooms you require, number of bathrooms and the size of the outdoor entertaining area.

  2. Visualise yourself living in the home

    When walking through our display homes, it is important to try and imagine yourself living in the home. Can you see your self cooking in the kitchen? What about moving between the living area to the bedrooms and bathrooms? Is the outdoor area suitable for entertaining? All these things will be done on a regular basis when you own the home, so it needs to feel completely natural.

  3. An open mind

    This is one of the most important! Our display homes are designed to allow you to experience what cannot be achieved on paper. So be open to new ideas, new designs or different materials and you might be surprised by which design you connect with most as your dream home.

  4. Take notes

    If you are visiting a number of display homes it becomes impossible to remember everything so write down anything you feel you’ll need to refer to later. This can include brands of fittings or fixtures, colour schemes or the layout of the home.

  5. Take your time

    You want to be able to absorb everything when visiting our display homes so it’s important that you don’t charge through the homes on a tight schedule. Be sure to allow plenty of time and consider hiring a babysitter for the day to keep the children off your hands! Remember, shopping for your dream home is a large investment and it should be a rewarding experienc