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Top tips for heating

Question and Answer courtesy of Jetmaster

Q. Are you building a new home?
A. If you are building you need to start thinking about choosing your fireplace as the slab goes down because many fireboxes will need to be bricked in when the brickies arrive on site.

Q. Is the heater going to be your primary source of heating?
A. This, together with the area that needs to be heated, will dictate burner size. Keep in mind that wood burns cleaner and hotter than gas if you have a very large space.

Q. How big is the room?
A. Firebox should be in proportion.

Q. Do you have large voids?
A. Hot air rises so you may need to consider a bigger output burner.

Q. What kind of heat are you after?
A. Open fireplaces, such as the Jetmaster, are designed with natural convection and radiant heat while glass-fronted heaters act as a fan-forced space heater.

Q. Are you on Natural Gas?
A. LPG is not recommended as bottles need to be replaced regularly and can become very expensive.

Q. How often do you use the fireplace?
A. This will affect running costs. Gas costs are continually rising, which is contributing to a return in popularity to wood burning open or slow combustion fireplaces.

Think of your fireplace as an investment for your home, not just your lifestyle. A fireplace with a reputable brand makes a great impression on potential buyers and can affect the resale value of your home.

Jetmaster Fireplaces WA has qualified and reputable installers who have been part of our expert team for the past 15 years. Be sure to engage an installer who is fully educated on the strict regulations of the industry.